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New Day Dairy GuestBarn

Exterior view of dairy barn with black and white dairy cows at dusk with a tractor in the background

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Intro & Farewell Barn Tours

Your stay at the GuestBarn includes an Introductory Tour & a Farewell Tour in the barn with the cows & calves!
Man and woman smiling at the camera standing near a pen petting a brown cow
Your Introductory Tour typically occurs the evening you arrive and your Farewell Tour the morning you leave.  We will be in touch with you a couple days before arrival to schedule your specific time. Each tour last half an hour. We have plastic booties for you to slip over your shoes to keep you & the cows clean & healthy.
Group of People Touring Robot Room at Dairy Farm
During your Introductory Tour we’ll introduce you to Rita the Robot that milks our cows 24/7.  She has her own special milking room in the middle of the barn so you can’t actually see her milking the cows from the loft windows (just everything else the cows do!).  You can also get up close and a pet a cow during your Introductory Tour.
Group of people standing in a green field around a black and white calf in a small pen
During your Farewell Tour we’ll visit the calves, located near the barn, but also not visible from the loft windows. The farewell tour is also the perfect time to get all of your questions answered – maybe you wrote them down, texted them to us, or just remember something you were curious about while cow gazing.
These tours are great opportunities to snap pictures (maybe a selfie?) with the cows & calves!
Kids in a large barn with many black and white dairy cows eating
We highly encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to get close to the cows and the calves – it’s a highlight for most of our guests! If for some reason you are unable to take the tour or would prefer a “Window Tour” we’ll spend the half-hour with you cow-gazing out the loft windows, answering your questions along the way. ** If renting as a group, we can not give separate barn & window tours, so your group will have to choose one.
Room with a wooden table and chairs with a window overlooking dairy cow operations
And we’re always available by text for a quick answer to any of our guests questions.  We’ll either get back to your right away or be sure to answer your questions during the Farewell Tour.

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