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Extras for Your Vacation at Our Iowa Dairy Farm

Special Offers, Extra Tours, Gift Shop, and More!

Your stay already includes:

If you’re looking for an in-depth hands-on tour, extra food packages, limited time or special offers, or something from the gift shop to take home look no further!  We’ve got all the Extras right here.

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Did you know that every time we send out a e-newsletter EVERY subscriber has a chance to WIN?  You’ll hear from us about monthly with specials, upcoming events, farm fun, and more!

Winners can choose from:

  • a $100 vouchers for the GuestBarn
  • a cheese package
  • Prairie Farms gift certificates
  • $50 off a beef order


Don’t worry, we won’t ever sell, rent, or give your e-mail to someone else.  We’re just glad we can get to know each other! And don’t worry, it’s a simple click to leave anytime.  Although you’ll no longer have a chance to win!

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“Be A Dairy Farmer Challenge” In-depth Hands On Tour

Reserve NowCost: $120

Want to know what it’s really like to be a dairy farmer? Want to get REALLY up close with the cows?


Be a farmer for a day! Up to 4 people can walk in #DairymanDan’s boots and you’ll get to:

  • Take over for Rita for a couple minutes and try your hand at actually milking a cow, old-school style!
  • Get up close with the cows by scraping manure in the barn with the cows!
  • Learn about a cow’s “personal bubble” & then help make her go where you want – like to get milked!
  • Ride in a tractor!
  • Climb up & peek in the mixer wagon!
  • Feed a calf a bottle (if available) or bucket feed milk!
  • Hand feed calves pellets!
  • Peek under Rita’s “hood” at the inner workings of the robot!

After you’ve completed the challenge you can wear your included “I walked in #DairymanDan’s boots” t-shirt proudly!

** Stay 3+ Nights & we’ll include the Challenge with your stay!  Or give you smaller daily tours/visits to the cows! **

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Snack Packs

Reserve NowCost: Varies

You’ll enjoy a DIY Continental Breakfast each morning, & we always have popcorn available to pop for snacking but it you want a little more here are some great add-ons.

  • Float Party – Add some ice cream and root beer to your evening snack!
  • Make Your Own Ice Cream – We’ll have the supplies and ice cream maker ready for you to try your hand at making (and then eating!) ice cream!
  • DIY Pizza Night – Don’t want to go out? Make personal pizzas at the GuestBarn instead!
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Special Packages

Reserve NowCost: Varies

We’ve already packaged up some great opportunities for you. All you have to do is choose which one is right for you!

  • Stay More Than 1 Night – each night after your first is discounted!
  • Stay 3+ Nights & we’ll include the Be A Dairy Farmer Challenge Tour OR smaller daily tours/visits to the cows!
  • Looking for the Perfect Gift?  Give the gift of New Adventures, Authentic Cows, and Comfy Beds with a Gift Certificate!

Check back as we update our Packages with unique offerings just for you!

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Limited-Time Offers

Reserve Now

Check back often for our latest Limited-Time Offers. You never know what you might find! Pssst… follow us over on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter so you’ll be the first to know!

Sample Gift Certificate

Gift Certificates

Reserve NowCost: Varies

Gift Certificates are the perfect way to give someone the gift of “Experience”!  It won’t clutter their closet or end up at the thrift store.  A gift certificate to New Day Dairy GuestBarn gives the gift of memories, new adventures, and enriching experiences!

Gift Certificates are good for 5 years! That’s a long time!

A  printable Gift Certificate will be e-mailed to an e-mail of your choice – either your own the person you’re gifting it to.  You’ll then be able to print it off if you’d like to wrap it up.  Or leave it digital for that special someone miles away.

Ready to book?  Just give us a call and give us the number included on your gift certificate. We’ll see you soon!

Multiple wooden milk crates painted yellow and green filled with many different types of items that are for sale

Gift Shop

Cost: Varies

Finding that perfect gift to bring home to your mom, kids, or pet-sitter can be tough.  We’ve taken the stress out by finding great items they’ll love – just grab, pay, and go!


Our Gift Shop Includes:

  • Cow Milk Soap – you even get a small one to try in your room with your stay!
  • Local Honey from Spree Family Farms
  • Local Jam from ANKRA Acres
  • Local Beeswax products like lip balm, lotion, and candles from Bluff Creek Acres
  • Cheese from Prairie Farms – well that’s in the fridge!
  • Local High Quality Beef from West Forty
  • New Day Dairy GuestBarn Lunch Coolers (to help you take home the meat & cheese!)
  • Fun Iowa Items like hats, stickers, or cards
  • New Day Dairy GuestBarn Stress Cows, because cows are always calming
  • More fun surprises whenever we find them!
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