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Locally Raised & Processed (Ground) Beef For Sale

Looking to affordably fill your freezer for tacos, chili, spaghetti, and burgers all year long?  Reserve your beef today!

Only $3.60-$4.00/lb!

Order HERE (after reading all about it below)

Does buying directly from the farmer seem complicated?  Normally it is… but we’re here to {try to} make it simple!  You’ll pay $3.60-$4.00/lb for your GROUND beef… no figuring of “hanging weights” or strange math problems…

  • We’re taking on the risk of each animal being unique in the amount of beef you’re receiving. It’s only fair that we take that risk – not you.
  • We started selling our beef direct just as COVID-19 “hit”.  We’ve learned a few lessons along the way. We realize in the current market we could probably charge more… but we don’t want to do that just because the “market” all of a sudden dictates that. We hope that if you become a customer now because of the COVID-19 supply chain problems you will continue to be our customer. Thank You.

Pick a Size & Style (if available):

Size Ground Beef Final Price/Pound Range of Pounds of Ground Beef in Your Freezer (based on past orders)
Quarter $4/lb 100-151lbs
Half $3.85/lb 200-294lbs
Whole $3.60/lb 400-588lbs
  • Final Price/Pound refers to your total cost per pound of beef after paying both us, the farmer for the “live animal”, and Orly’s, the butcher who processes it for you.

CUTS ONLY: $2.10/hanging weight (see explanation in CUTS section below)

Upcoming Pick-up Days:  (unless otherwise noted availability is 100% ground beef – see below for explanation)

  • Friday, August 7th – Monday, August 10th (updated 7/24/20)
    • 4 GROUND Beef Quarters Available
    • 3 CUTS Beef Quarters Available – see below for more explaination
  • We have 8 quarters available each month – Pick-up Day Varies

How does this work?

  • Use this form to reserve your meat
    • Choose a quarter, half, or whole beef
    • Choose Cuts or Ground (cuts ONLY available when listed on this page – usually NOT available)
    • Choose if you want patties, beef sticks, summer sausage, etc
  • Pay us your deposit ($100/quarter) to reserve your beef either via check or credit card – we’ll send you an invoice after filling out the order form
    • First come, First reserved – we will wait a couple days to receive a check in the mail.
  • The day before pick up we find out the TOTAL amount of ground beef you’ll be receiving and your total bill amount at Orlys. Then we’ll do the math to find out what you owe us, so that you only pay $3.60-$4.00/lb total for ground beef depending on your choices.  If you custom process some into patties or beef sticks or summer sausage it will be more per pound because of that additional processing.
  • CUTS ONLY: We can send you your final bill based on hanging weight earlier than the typical/normal GROUND beef option.
  • Pay us for the remainder of your meat before pick up day. Here are our payment options:
    • Credit Card Option #1:  If you paid your deposit with a credit card we’ll run your card again for your final payment the day before pick-up.
    • Credit Card Option #2: If you are paying with a credit card we can split up your final payment into 3 payments.  The 1st before picking up your meat and the following 2 on the same day of the month the following 2 months.  * We do add a 4% processing fee for this option.
    • Check: Drop By to Deliver a Check to us the day you pick up your beef (we’re only a few miles away).
  • Pay Orly’s directly for the processing of your meat when you pick it up.
  • Pick-up your meat (at Orly’s Meat Locker in Clarksville) or we can deliver!
    • Typically you have 2-3 days to pick it up before they need the freezer space again.

Delivery Fee:

  • Within 15 miles of Clarksville, $25 delivery available. $1/ additional mile beyond the first 15 miles.
  • Please schedule when making your deposit.


  • What’s the difference between ground beef and “cuts” beef?
    • Ground Beef is our typical standard. Most times our beef will be best enjoyed as ground beef as our beef comes from our “retired” cows.  Sometimes we have a younger heifer or steer available that would be enjoyed as roasts & steaks (as well as ground beef).
    • Our “cuts” beef is priced differently because you’re getting premium products like roasts & steaks along with the ground beef.  The final products pounds of the roasts & steaks are not weighted after processing so we only know the “hanging” weight, which is what we must charge by.
    • At times we also partner with Dan’s aunt & uncle to bring you these options.
  • What do I get with “cuts” beef?
    • When ordering a “cuts” beef, you’ll receive roasts (arm & chuck), steaks (T-Bone, Ribeye, & Sirloins), and ground beef. Ground beef will still be the majority of what you receive.
  • How do I know how much I will pay?
    • You’ll pay $2.10/hanging weight pound to us.
    • Then pay processing to Orly’s ($.58/hanging weight pound + $18.75/quarter + $.45/ground beef pound – approx 50-60lbs/quarter or more if you choose additional processing options like sticks or patties)
    • Typically hanging weight per quarter will be APPROXIMATELY 200/lbs with about 140lbs of final beef.
      • BUT, Orly’s doesn’t actually weight the roasts & steaks so we don’t know the exact pounds you’ll receive making it difficult to price based on final pounds.
    • So… if the hanging weight for a quarter of beef was 200lbs and you received for your freezer around 140lbs of beef with 60lbs ground beef you’d pay:
      • To New Day Dairy: $420
      • To Orlys: (.58x200lbs) + $18.75 + (.45×60) = $161.75
      • Total: $581.75/140lbs = $4.16/lb of beef in your freezer (which includes steaks & roasts)  – remember this is approximate and we don’t know the final amount until the end but this give you an idea of what to expect.
      • Although this doesn’t seem like much more than getting all ground beef remember that this isn’t a sure price and you are taking on more of the risk verse our ground beef option that we’re taking on the variation risk.

I don’t need that much or I can’t store it all. Can I get a smaller amount?

  • We are selling you the animal, not individual meat portions and then you are paying the local locker directly.  That means this is the smallest amount we can sell you currently.  BUT – you can certainly call a friend or two and independently work out splitting a quarter between yourselves.
  • Because of inspections, storage space, logistics this isn’t feasible right now… but if you’d be interested in the future let us know & we might considered expanding.  Just know that since we’re covering freezer space, additional processing fees and it’s not in bulk that it would be more per pound.

What else can I do with my ground beef?

You have the option of getting the ground beef wrapped in 1, 1 1/2, or 2lb packages.

Other Options (10 minimum/option) – Replace the $.45/lb processing charge with:

  • Patties (1/3 or 1/4 lb)  –  $.70/lb
  • Beef Sticks –  $1.75/lb
  • Beef Sticks with Cheese  –  $1.95/lb
  • Summer Sausage  –  $1.70/lb
  • Summer Sausage with Cheese  –  $1.90/lb

What’s the fat content?
Typically Orly’s aims for an 85/15 ground beef mix, which is perfect for burgers & great tasting ground beef!

How big of a freezer will I need?
To give you an idea, a quarter of beef will likely fill 3-4 standard coolers.  So bring those to pick up your meat and make sure you have freezer room at home.

What’s different about your ground beef? 
Glad you asked! Since we’re primarily dairy farmers our goal is for our ladies to have a great long life in our herd – sometimes up to 10 years! But eventually each one has to make a “career shift” from dairy to beef.

Our milking girls aren’t raised specifically for beef or meat so they’re not quite the same as the younger beef steers that are raised specifically for that.  Traditionally they would head to the packing plant miles away in WI to end up as ground beef back at your local grocer.

So why not skip the miles, keep our economy local, and provide for those in our community?  It’s almost a no-brainer!  We skip all those middle guys and you get to shop local from our farm & local locker, Orly’s!

Why don’t you know exactly how much meat we’ll get?
Each cow is unique in their size and build.  Although we can guesstimate an amount it’s never final until the weight the locker gives us. Because you don’t pay us the final amount until we know exactly how much GROUND beef you’ll be getting you only pay for what you get!

How much will I pay to Orly’s?

Even though you don’t have to do the math, you might be curious about what you’ll pay Orly’s.

Hanging Weight = Includes Meat as well as Bones, some organs, etc

Hanging Pound Processing Price = $.58/lb for a quarter (only $.55/lb for a whole)

$18.75 – Fees Per Quarter

Final Freezer Pounds  = the total amount of ground beef you’ll put in your freezer

Product Type Processing Price = This will vary if you have patties, beef sticks, etc made (see above prices)

((Hanging Weight X Hanging Pound Processing Price) + $18.75) + (Final Freezer Pounds x Product Type Processing Price) = Total paid to Orlys

This is a sample ticket:

Receipt for Beef Processing

Isn’t this hard to do?
Quite honestly yes, it’s one of the hardest things we do. We are thankful our cows provide nutritious food at this stage just like they have for so many many people already being dairy cows. What a waste it would be to have people around us hungry and not use the gift of an animal to nourish them.

Contact Us Today to Reserve Your Locally Raised & Processed Beef!


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