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Week 26 Building Review

  I’m so glad that I feel like we’re out of the doldrums and moving forward again!  Hopefully we’ll keep on pace (or even exceed it!) from here on out.  We’re working hard to make it happen.  

ALL the trusses are set!  The barn is up!  More steel went up on the roof and it’s so close to the full barn structure being up and done so we can get to work inside there! 

I also found out this week how big the barn truly is, I mean I knew it but apparently big is too small of a word to describe it.  I met with our tile layer and gave him directions and he called because he’d passed our neighbor’s “big” white barn to make sure he didn’t miss it.  I told him to keep driving down the road and when he finally did see it he said it wasn’t big but ginormous! Really, you can’t miss it once you see it.

And the visitors we had on Saturday also commented on how much bigger it is in person.  She said the big side wall posts look like toothpicks in pictures online but they’re huge in person.  You’ll have to come visit and see for yourself! 

We have electricity INSIDE the barn and guesthouse, well only one outlet so far but that’ll change soon and it’s still a big step forward.  And we have lots of plumbing and even duct runs with the HVAC system and water heater on-site too!  The “guts” of the Guest House are being put into place and I’m so thankful! 
Well I’m off to prepare for a little girl’s birthday party!  Toddle-loo!

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