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New Day Dairy GuestBarn

We Made It!

Seven & a half weeks ago the cows moved into their new home… and now we’re finally home too – right next door!

Saturday was moving day…. here are the pictures of the Guest House ready for us to move in!  (remember to click the pictures to get the whole picture)

And thanks to friends & family all of our stuff is now here and we can start living together as a family again! 

Today was great because  we were able to see Dan so much more!  He could step in for a quick update and say hi or read a book or eat lunch or tuck the kids into bed. 

The kids might say the best part was after playing in the mud while I was organize the porch before the blizzard comes they got to continue in their dirty state by helping daddy in the barn.  The best part for me?  Getting to strip off their outside layer after spraying them off in the calf care room, then stripping off the inside (still dirty!) layer in the mudroom/office and heading right inside to a nice warm bath.  

Since working together & having fun together is one of the main things we value (remember that post?) we’re so glad our hard work has paid off and we’re all together again!  

Don’t worry there’s still plenty of hard work ahead (I mean look at all the unpacking I still have left… that’s real life!) but now we can do it together and truly start to enjoy the flexibility that having Rita the robot milk our cows for us brings!   

Plus now that we’re living so close to the cows you should hear from me a bit more often about what’s happening on the farm!  I’ve got all sorts of ideas and plans up my sleeve for this year!

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