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Our Mission

“They”, the experts of business, life, and more, say that having a mission statement is important… and we agree.  So, we have one and today we’re going to share it with you. Hey, that way you can keep us accountable to sticking with our mission, ’cause it’s easy to get sidetracked… life happens ya know!

Here at New Day Dairy our short mission, that you see all over our website, is to
Develop. Milk. Bless.
Since that tells you a little but not a lot here’s a bit more about what that means to us…

Our Mission is to…

  • Develop and care for productive, thriving cows
  • Develop global dairy leaders who will bless their communities
  • Bless our guests by helping them develop a connection to the source of their milk.

But maybe you still want to know more, huh? Well I’ll tell you about it…

Develop and care for productive, thriving cows

This is the bread and butter, or the milk and butter I guess, of what we do. Productive thriving cows make lots of great quality milk and that’s what we sell to make a living, but really we do so much more than that.

Dan could tell you ALL about the nitty gritty of how and what we do to care for our cows and I’ll probably expand on that in the future but for now I’ll give you the basics. We give our cows clean comfortable beds to sleep on, delicious, nutritious food to eat, clean water to drink, medicine if they’re sick, fans to keep them cool and insulation to keep them warm (hey, it’s Iowa and we have BOTH extremes – HOT and COLD!), and even a big brush for them to scratch and groom themselves on!

And developing cows, you ask? Well each time we breed a cow, we try and mate the mommy and daddy so that the little baby calf will be the best possible blend of each of them. We want them to be healthy, have a strong body, able to give birth easily, and obviously make lots of quality milk!

Develop global dairy leaders who will bless their communities

Although we love our little section of Iowa corn fields, we also know and love the world far beyond. We’ve had amazing opportunities to visit and live in Turkey, Bolivia, Europe, Thailand, and more through the years and want to continue to have relationships that extend beyond borders and cultures. Through some amazing programs we desire to have interns from around the world who we can both mentor and learn from as they work alongside of us on our dairy. We pray that then they will be able to take what they’ve learned and bless the dairy industries in the countries they come from.

Bless our guests by helping them develop a connection to the source of their milk.

On the end of our barn, we’re building a European-inspired apartment. At first we’ll live there, allowing our living costs to be less, but hopefully in just a year or two we’ll convert the apartment into a guesthouse space. You, your friends, family, or neighbors can come, stay the night (or two or three) and see what it’s like to live and work on a dairy farm. The loft space will have big windows that overlook into the barn so you can spy on the cows 24 hours a day from the comfort of an easy chair. Maybe you’ll even see a calf being born!

More and more people are removed from the source of their food, they haven’t had the opportunity to learn where their food starts before it ends up at the grocery store or McDonalds. Experiencing a modern working dairy farm gives people a chance to see, hear, smell, touch, and maybe even taste dairy farming.

So there you have it, our mission – what we’re all about – developing, milking, and blessing.

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