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Iowa Holstein Association Raffle

You may or may not know that there are variety of dairy cow breeds.  We milk Holsteins, most of them black & white colored with a few that have reddish brown hair.   #DairymanDan enjoys learning about & utilizing the genetic information each of our cows have so he can breed the best cows for our herd.  For us that also means being members of the Iowa Holstein Association. 

This spring as part of the Iowa Holstein Annual Spring Sale the Iowa Holstein Association is selling raffle tickets for either a elite heifer or $2,500.  Plus there’s 11 more prizes too!   You can purchase a raffle ticket for $100 from any board member, which includes us!

If you’re not a dairy farmer you can still purchase a raffle ticket because almost every prize has a cash prize associated with it (and we could all use a little cash, right?)  If you win a prize with something other than a cash prize we’ll purchase the other dairy specific part at 50% of it’s worth, giving you even more cash – but only if you buy the ticket from us!

The drawing will be held Saturday, March 17th, 2018 in West Union.  If you want to pick a heifer you or a representative need to be there, otherwise you don’t need to be present to win!  Contact us to let us know you want a chance to win $2,500! 

1st Prize ~ Heifer Choice or $2500 Cash
From these farms:

  • Farnear Holsteins
  • Hawkeye Holsteins
  • Morningview Holsteins
  • Regancrest Holsteins

2nd Prize ~ $1500 Cash
3rd Prize ~ Trans Ova Certificate & $500 Cash
4th Prize ~ $1000 Cash
5th Prize ~ 10 units of Kingboy Semen & $500 Cash
6th Prize ~ $800 Cash
7th Prize ~ 4 Transfers & $250 Cash
8th Prize ~ Zoetis Basket & $200 Cash
9th Prize ~ $500 Certificate from ST Genetics for Semen of Choice
10th Prize ~ $400 Certificate from Envision
11th Prize ~ Zoetis Basket & $100 Cash
12th Prize ~ Steel Cow Portrait & $100 Cash

All the proceeds go to the Iowa Junior Holstein Association & the Iowa Holstein Association.

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