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Grati-mooooo-d: 30 Days of Thanks (Days 16-30)

This is the second post from a series of posts in November 2017

Grati-mooooo-d, because being thankful definitely improves your mooooood!

Day 16
We’re going to hear from the cows the next few days – or at least what we’re pretty sure they’ll thankful for!

Access to plentiful clean water (& we’re thankful that we don’t have to carry it or fill it – they automatically fill!)

Day 17
The daily salad buffet of food with corn silage, haylage, & peas/barlage (all fermented) and some added vitamins & minerals + granola power treats in the robot when milking!
Day 18
Comfy, clean sand beach beds to lounge around on… or cozy up to a friend and on!
Day 19
Rita the robot who milks them consistently, the same way every time… no surprises!
Day 20
Freedom to wander about to eat, drink, & be merry… Well at least to sleep & relax!
Day 21
A back (or head or butt or tail) rub whenever they want… I wish I had one!

Day 22
We’re hearing from the cows again… although we’re pretty thankful for this too!
Automatic manure scrappers… the cows appreciate having a clean place to hang out (they run every few hours) & we appreciate only having to manually scrape the cross-over areas, in between the auto-scrapped alleys.

Day 23: Thanksgiving Day
Those cows are always up to something….

Happy Thanksgiving from Valwood & all her friends!

Day 24
The cow’s nutritionist… that’s right!
He stops by every other week to check on the cows, examine their manure (that’s what he’s doing here – you can learn a lot!), & talk with Dan about how things are going (problems, things going well, new ideas, & more!).
Day 25
The network of neighbors, old & new friends, and more that buy & raise our bull calves (like this little guy born yesterday). We love knowing they’re going to a good home!
P.S… let us know if you want to be part of that network… Depending on who is born when, sometimes we need more.

Day 26
Our dairy coop, Prairie Farms Dairy. As farmer owners we pool our milk with other farmers to make all sorts of yummy dairy products!
Day 27
Today we’re especially grateful for Rita the Robot’s CONSISTENCY so that we could have FLEXIBILITY so that when we needed to help with a family medical need during traditional “milking” time we could go knowing the cow’s would still be getting milked.

PS… this is a throwback video to the first day Rita was on the job!

Day 28
Another great part of our team…. The pedicurists, otherwise known as hoof trimmers!
Each cow got her semi-annual hoof care visit during the past two days!
They get to visit the fancy big red “spa” to help them stay in place… Because really, have you ever tried painting a toddler’s nails?
Day 29
The guys that haul our milk from the farm to the plant that turns it into cheese!
They come rain or shine, snow or ice – just like he’s pulling up on a sheet of ice last winter.
Day 30
On our last day we want to say “Thank you!” to you for following along, caring about where your food comes from, & getting to experience a family farm!
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We draw a winner every time we send out a newsletter, typically monthly!

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