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Grati-mooooo-d: 30 Days of Thanks (Days 1-15)

This is the first post from a series of posts in November 2017.  

Grati-mooooo-d, because being thankful definitely improves your mooooood!

Day 1
Old towels & corn stalk bedding that help keep newborn calves dry & warm!

Day 2
Raising kids on the farm… Working, learning, & playing together!
Day 3
Big concrete alleys for the kids to ride bikes in… especially since I grew up on a gravel road & always wanted some pavement!
Day 4
Fall = Pumpkin
Cows = Milk = Cream Cheese
Yummy Pumpkin Cream Cheese Swirl Muffins
This recipe is a keeper!
Day 5
Opportunities to learn about life, which includes new calves being born (& in this case experiencing it with cousins).
Day 6
The generations that have come before us & how they’ve shaped us!
I hope we have this much fun at our 60th anniversary!
Day 7
#DairymanDan‘s ability to fix things – especially Rita the robot when she breaks down (rare but it does happen!)
Day 8
How Dave & Pam have not only adapted but embraced the technology we now use daily, including all the data on our smartphones.
Day 9
Pam’s hard work & careful care of our calves as well as helping in so many other ways from cow care to watching grandkids to her famous track bars & cakes!
Day 10
This awesome 5 month baby who has made the transition to a family of 5 so easy (so far!).
Day 11
Today we say thank you to those who have served & are serving in our armed forces. Thank you for your selfless commitment & sacrifice!

P.S. We loved learned more about the military when Becoming Bailey & her army recruiter husband came to visit for the Be A Dairy Farmer Challenge!

I love sharing & learning with others about our lives, especially when they affect me like the military that protects me or me sharing about how the food you eat is made.

We all have important & interconnected roles and understanding them helps us all live more fulfilling & less judgemental lives!

Day 12
Great tech support from AMS Galaxy USA Robotic Milking when something goes wrong with Rita the robot!

Just last night Dave & Pam had to call while Dan was away & they were able to help them get Rita back to milking cows!

Here is Dan in spring 2015 graduating from tech school in Pennsylvania at training school located on a working farm!

Day 13
Neighbors who we can trade with – stalk bedding bales for manure!
Our calves get try bedding throughout the winter & our neighbor’s field gets nutrient rich fertilizer…. a win-win!
Day 14
Our veterinarians! We have one of the best teams anyone could ask for!
They’re on call 24/7 & have not only helped us with sick & hurt cows but also give us great advice about general health & care for our girls!

In this photo from early last year the vet is giving a check up to a cow. I don’t have lots of up close pictures of vet work for the same reason I probably don’t want to see pictures from your last doctor visit!

Day 15
An opportunity to share our cows, barn, & Rita the robot with Bill Northey, our Iowa Secretary of Agriculture.

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