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New Day Dairy GuestBarn

Photos of a pub table overlooking into dairy barn and a bedroom on a cow print background with text about sale

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Count Down to Summer Gift Certificate Sale

Count Down to Summer Gift Certificate Sale!

Get 10-30% more on all your gift certificate purchases through May 31st, 2020!!

First Week (April 26-May 2nd): Get 30% more!

  • Spend $100 in Gift Certificates & Get an Extra $30!
  • Any amount qualifies!¬† (Ex. Spend $50, Get an extra $15 during the first week!)

5% less in MORE each of the following weeks:

  • May 3-9th: 25% more!
  • May 10-16th: 20% more!
  • May 17-23rd; 15% more!
  • May 24-31st: 10% more!

Purchase one for mom for Mother’s Day! Or give her one & we’ll send you the “extra” for yourself!!

Grab Yours Now!!!

Can be spent on a room, entire GuestBarn Rentals, Meeting/Party Rentals, tours, and if there’s some extra on your gift certificate – in the Gift Shop!


  • You get a great deal as you support a family farm!
  • We’re able to keep going until travel starts up again!

Terms & Conditions:

  • Expiration: 5 years!
  • Use it for yourself or give it away!
  • No upper limit on amount spent and bonus 10-30%¬†received (spend $500 and get $150 free! – the cost to rent all three rooms of the GuestBarn for 2 nights!)
  • Must CALL to redeem (it’s just the way the software works)
  • You’ll actually receive 2 separate gift certificates – the original one that you purchase online + the bonus one we’ll send you once we receive your purchase!

For Your Information:

  • Although we will eventually offer single room rental, for the summer (June-August) we are only offering Entire GuestBarn rental. While this does make it more for you to book only 1 room you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you’ll have your own space.

Why Now?

  • In February and the beginning of March we were getting almost daily inquiries and multiple bookings a week… until COVID-19 hit and then… silence.
  • Our new website and direct booking was in process when COVID-19 hit, we couldn’t put a pause on those (and we didn’t really want to since we know someday we’ll all be traveling again!). And now they’re ready!
  • In a pre-COVID-19 world we’d be saying “Book Now for Summer!” but now we don’t know exactly when travel will happen again. We know you don’t want to book something and then have to move and cancel it…
  • We have a great new website and you want to book directly with us (cutting out all those middle guys)… but you don’t know WHEN you’ll be able to come.
  • We have a great new website with direct booking available but no one wants to book right now… so what should we do?

Have a Gift Certificate SALE! Buy One HERE!

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