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To Start or Not to Start?

To Start or Not to Start?

That was the question we had to answer mid-morning this morning.  Thankfully when the time came our team was in agreement… WAIT.

We were SUPPOSE to start today.  The cows were SUPPOSE to make their journey up the hill.  We were SUPPOSE to be working through the night getting the cows use to their new barn and way of getting milked. 

But instead we’ll sleep for one more night 🙂

As Monday dawned the barn was buzzing with activity, each crew with it’s own “last minute” list to get done and most of it did get done.  But  a few key parts hadn’t arrived and been installed like planned and we had a few minor things (some step ladders, self closing doors, the right light bulbs, and more) that we needed to check to pass the State of Iowa milk producers inspections. 

We knew our 8am Tuesday cow parade was postponed but for how long?  Mid-morning we had to decide and even though we may have been able to push and start sometime today,  we determined it was better to wait and start fresh in the morning sticking with our original plan just a day late which gave us time to finish a few other things too. 

In the end, this is best and we’re thankful for the extra day. 

Tomorrow is  a new day… and we’re praying it’ll be a good one!

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