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New Day Dairy GuestBarn

Building: Week 7 Review

It was another rainy week with not a lot of visible progress at the building site, although we did get some significant “behind the scenes” business done (closing loans, signing insurance, pre-construction meetings with robotic milking reps & builders, and plumber ).  The week ended with a busy family weekend full of a wedding, birthday party, and family visiting from Florida, which is why this post is coming on Monday morning!

The most significant thing that happened is that we have power lines to our driveway!  All that’s left is coming up the drive and we’ll have power! 


Dan hard at work at Ikea, while Lynn did some shopping/looking for the guesthouse area!

At the current farm this week all of the cows got a pedicure otherwise known at getting their hooves trimmed, getting them ready to move into their new barn in a few months!  We also had a couple new baby calves, one of which our contest winner, Katie O. & her family, got to name. 

I’m pleased to introduce you to Jacinta.  Now we have cows with Turkish, Polish, and Spanish names!

As I mentioned Dan’s brother & his family is here visiting this week.  They headed up to the building site on Saturday after they arrived to check it out. 

The boys…

At the end of this week I expect to have lots of great pictures of progress as the rain is suppose to stay away and it should be amazing cool working weather! 

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