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Building: Week 5 Review

For some reason I can’t get our weekly reviews done on the weekends… at least it’s here on Monday! 

The week got started with our neighbors planting our fields.  We don’t plant or harvest a lot of our own crops so we can focus on taking care of our cows.  Thankfully we have great neighbors who plant and harvest our crops as well as farm a lot of their own acres!  We happen to also be renting one of their farmhouses so we’ve gotten to see firsthand how hard they worked this past week planting.  Rain is in the forecast (and it did storm last night) so they’ve been working hard to get corn planted!  One evening (well more like night at about 10pm) I took this 2nd picture of their planter being tuned up before I think it went back out to keep working!  We’re thankful we have such great hard working neighbors to do most of our crops so we can focus on the cows, and our cows will appreciate the silage this coming winter!

Our concrete crew worked hard all week, not without some challenges with getting everything to slope the right way, but I think by the end of the week it was all figured out!  They’ve got a lot of the foundation and some of the walls on top of those now.  If you’re someone who’s into building you might find all these concrete pictures interesting, otherwise it gives the regular guy an idea of what things looked like this week. 
The kids & I spent every afternoon at the farm this week cleaning the RV we’ve lived in the past few years and getting it ready to sell.  Somewhere in the middle of cleaning we jump in the tractor to help Dan unload manure and have a little family tractor time!  The kids also helped Dan, Grandpa Dave, and Grandma Pam with calf chores, feeding the cows, and more!  They love getting to work on the farm! 
The main north entrance also got finished up this week, which means it’s a lot easier to get in and out!  I know the concrete truck drivers appreciate it!  We also got more rock put on the smaller entrance drive up to the barn area.

Driving up to the barn

A HUGE hole was also dug off the northeast side of the barn to be the first area the manure is collected.  It’ll get concrete walls but the big hole is now there! 
And at the current farm, some of the cows and heifers got to go out to pasture this week. 

Our new site is just up the hill from these cows behind the row of trees you see at the top right of this picture.

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