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Building: Week 34 Review

Well it’s countdown time… if you haven’t noticed I added a count down timer on the side bar… 14 days to go!  Yikes!

That also means that we need help!  That’s right, getting the cows use to their new home starting December 8th is going to be a big  (and very important) job. 

The first three days we’ll need 3 people in the barn 24/7, which hopefully doesn’t include us or Dan’s parents as we’ll be learning the system from our technicians and continuing to do all the other daily farm chores.  Then 2 extra people 24/7 for a few days before just needing 1 extra person 24/7 for the 2nd week. 
So…. are you a calm, conscientious, confident cow handler?  We’d love to have you join us to see things up close and help us encourage the cows to try out their newest friend, our milking robot!  Join us for one 4 hour shift or get in on all the action and sign up for more, I’m sure we could use you! (And hey, there will be free food, your own first edition New Day Dairy travel mug, and an unforgettable EXPERIENCE!)

Getting up close with the cows not your thing?  You can still help… before December 8th we need help cleaning up the barn (trash/debris pick up, etc), bringing a meal during the first week or two for us & the extra helpers, sending treats for those helping, watching our kids, helping us move into the Guest House in a few weeks and there’s probably more – just ask!  We won’t be able to do it without you! 

Now on to what happened this week. 

This week the robot continued to get installed and set-up both mechanically and electronically (on the computer) which means lots of little pieces and details that I don’t understand…

The barn continued to get finished up with the final freestalls being put up, lighting installed, the fans electric being hooked up, waterers being set in place, water softener installed, the side curtains getting rolled up  (just in time for the foot of snow that fell on Friday!) and probably more!
In the Guest House the stairs went up on Monday much to our kid’s delight, check out Facebook for the video!  Then the walls got textured.  Primer & paint starts on Monday! 

Dan also got some more cabinets hung in the office space as well as setting up the two monitors to monitor everything.

And to literally top everything off, we got a foot of snow on Friday!  It’s beautiful and the kids were excited which helped me to remember the awe and wonder of the first snow, especially when it’s a foot! It’s not ideal, of course, to be working in and around it but we don’t have much choice so we’re just continuing on to our goal!
 There’s a lot to do in the next two weeks but we’re working as hard as we can to get it all done! I’ve been trying to get up more frequent updates on Facebook so check back there too! 

Happy Thanksgiving… we have much to be thankful for!

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