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Building: Week 31 Review

This week started with a bang and it didn’t let up all week!  I have a TON of pictures to share… it was that kind of week.  It got more amazing every day!

Monday morning the curtains & team to install them arrived bright & early, installing them in less than 2 days with an amazing team of people!  Thankfully the kids & I helped finish calf chores & clean the parlor so Dan could get up to the site to both check in with the curtain team and help get the robot in place!

Unwrapping & setting the robot & boxes in place went fairly quickly & easily and as far as we can tell it looks good after sitting around for a few months.  The rest of the week the room around it went up.  Late in the week Dan climbed up on top to take some pictures – which are especially neat considering all that the concrete crew did this week! 
Almost all the curbs are in now for the stall areas, which means big flat pours will happen this coming week, really making things look real! 
 Besides the robot room our builders also worked on the east end wall and getting that all closed up and Dan met with the overhead garage door guy to get some of the doors figured out.  They also helped set in a few more slats over the manure reception pit area.   They even worked Saturday to finish up the robot room and be out of the concrete guys way…. so appreciated!  I don’t have pictures of that, but you’ll see it next week.

And our electricians were back getting lights up in the utility room, calf care room, and milk room.  Now we’ll have light and people can work into the evening (which happens to be coming earlier, especially with the time change!).  And the plumbers were working on getting in the in floor heating up and running so we also have heat!

Drywall went up in the Guest House making it feel more and more real too! 
Here’s to hopefully our last month of building… our goal is December 1st!  The robot installers arrive next week… let’s keep going strong and finish this thing!  (I think I’m mostly just cheering myself on to the end!) 

One thought on “Building: Week 31 Review

  1. What an amazing week! So much coming together.
    You are doing such a great job!
    I am cheering you on too!
    I have been one of your biggest fans for years 🙂
    Love you, Mom

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