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Building: Week 3 Review

Well we don’t have a lot of exciting pictures this week and I’m a little tardy is getting it posted since the new week has started!  Most of the visible work that was done this week was digging out from the area where we’ll build the manure storage facility and then using that rock to build up the area around the culverts. 

The site view from the northwest. The yellow arrow is pointing to the manure storage area that is being dug out. The green arrow is the current farms silo. The red arrow is the main drive to get into the site.


Close up of the manure storage area a few days later.


Building up the area for the culverts.

We finally had some nice burning weather and Dan & my dad were able to begin burning our big brush pile!   Dan also had meetings with both the concrete contractor and the electrician & REC to keep getting things set up and moving along. 

Since my mom was here visiting we had some fun (and I had some extra hands to help with the kids).  We visited Waterloo to pick out our plumbing fixtures, or at least get a good start on it.  Miss Muffet (and my mom!) got a surprise after Miss Muffet had “bathed” in a variety of tubs & showers in the showroom that one she tried actually had water come out of it… good thing we carry an spare set of clothes!

And Dan now has a smartphone, so hopefully that means you’ll get even more updates and pictures as things progress, as well as helping Dan stay connected during the building process and using it to manage the farm when we’re up and running!

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