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New Day Dairy GuestBarn

Building: Week 25 Review


A view from the north

Unfortunately I can’t say that I’m surprised by all the work that was or should I say wasn’t done this week, but at least we kept moving forward.  I know this is often how building goes, especially since it’s a domino effect and it’s hard to “catch up” when you lose a few days here and there. 

The biggest change is that we’re very close to having electricity!  We have all our boxes in and our local electric company came and did their part and we should finish it up this week. 

The guest house got a couple more showers installed and I got the electric outlets, lights, etc all specked out with the electrician so we’re ready on that front. 

The manure handling system continues to progress as well with the pump being installed in the reception holding area and fill around the larger area. 

With such a windy and rainy week the builders did some odd but important jobs like installing the chimney vents in the roof, putting up some more poly board in the milk room, getting steel siding on the barn side of the Guest House, as well as getting some steel and insulation up on the roof too. 
Dan and his Dad continued to help with chopping corn silage for our cows until Wednesday and then are planning to finish up today after some rain last week.  They took a few fun pictures while working hard!

Opening up a new field… making a path through the corn!


That’s some TALL corn!

While Dan was around the farm again more this week after being away for almost 2 months and took some pictures of the current farm I wanted to share.  
Last week the local Clarksville Star had an article about the new dairy farm.   You can find a short excerpt here

And finally a beautiful picture that Dan’s mom took this beautiful September morning… what a blessing to get to see this in the morning. 

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