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New Day Dairy GuestBarn

Building: Week 22 Review

As I went through the pictures from this week I was honestly amazed at what got done this week and I even lived through it.  Things are definitely starting to gear up for the final push before winter arrives.  It had started to feel like it was heading towards fall but after almost 2.5 inches of rain yesterday I think we’re in for a hot and humid week instead!   I think I’ll give you the run down daily as it happened….

Monday started with our building crew getting some of the steel siding on the south & north sides and the excavators getting the septic line dug out from the Guest House so we could keep working toward getting the patio poured! 

And we started the week with a bang at the current farm by selling a record amount of milk in one day for our current herd and facility! 

On Tuesday we headed up to have a picnic lunch as a family and check-in on the progress.  When we arrived the spray foam insulators were just getting started insulated the ceiling and other truss areas in the Guest House.   Our building crew was putting steel on the front side of the barn. It was amazing to watch them work together in the wind getting those BIG panels on!   
Wednesday was our busiest day yet with four crews working simultaneously and Dan visiting twice to answer questions and supervise all that was happening!  The first time he was so busy answering questions he forgot to take any pictures until he jumped in the car with his Grandpa to head to therapy, which is why the first picture is blurry!

The excavators have been helping all over the place and then working on the manure handling system area the most.  The spray foam insulators worked all day and into the evening to finish up that job.  The concrete crew poured the area for the transformer and prepared the patio area.  And the builders finished up the steel on the front! 

And a big Thank You goes out to Dan’s grandpa’s and those we’re working with for picking Dan up and dropping him off at home, the site, or therapy (which thankfully happens right in our little town of Clarksville – so thankful!).    It makes our life so much easier since he can’t drive quite yet! 

Thursday Dan had meetings at the site and then at home and back at the site for most of the day.  The builders started putting up walls in the milk house and the concrete crew put in the Guest House patio which is beautiful!

And the local paper came out to interview us and take some pictures Thursday afternoon, so if you get the Clarksville Star, be looking for us!   And all week I’ve still been doing calf chores, which I want to give it’s own post if I ever find the time! 

Friday was a rain day – it literally rained all day!  After dropping Miss Muffet at her first day of Preschool we met with our carpenter who will be finishing out the Guest House starting this next week!  The builders spent the day inside working on the walls in the milkhouse.
It’s amazing what can get accomplished in a week when everyone is working together and there are a lot of people working!  The rest of the barn starts going up this week along with walls in the Guest House, it’s going to keep getting more crazy!  

Were you surprised by how much got done this week?

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