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New Day Dairy GuestBarn

Building: Week 2 Review

Well here we are at the beginning of another week and a bit more progress has been made.  Well, really a lot of progress has been made but a lot of it is still just Dan talking on the phone, sending e-mails, researching, and drawing up plans, which isn’t very photo-worthy!

Dan’s Grandpa Pete has spent a lot of time clearing trees and shrubs from the fence line to make way for electricity, septic, well drilling, and building trucks, lifts, and more.  Grandma Mary says he’s having a lot of fun and it’s making seem a lot younger than his almost 80 years!  Yesterday when we visited he was just heading out and Miss Muffet got a slow ride in his “fancy” skid loader (she only gets to ride because it’s fancy and has an enclosed cab).  As you can tell this was pretty exciting!

We’ve had more visitors out to the site this week, some for business and some family.  And everyone’s a bit curious around town; people always ask how things are going.  I don’t mind, as that is part of the culture that is shared between small town Iowa and rural Turkey, everyone has a little idea (or thinks they do!) of what’s going on in everyone else’s life!  We’re having local businesses do what they can on the project and the bedrock on the road was pretty dramatic, so in a small town a lot of people have heard and are curious!  We’re thankful for our great small town community, so we don’t mind at all and hope they’ll all come visit when we have our Open House!

Busy Day… Dan arrived in the tractor after chores, Grandpa Pete arrived in his Kabota, and then the two other cars with 4 visitors plus me and the kids!


Miss Muffet and Grandma (my mom) running across the field, well Miss Muffet was running but I think Grandma was walking!

Work continued this week on the main entrance, coming in from the north with more preparation for putting the culverts in.  Soon we’ll have our main entrance done! 

Working on building up the area where the culvert will go at the north entrance.


Only chance to play in a culvert… they’re new and not buried yet!


All built up and ready for those big culverts!

The top soil was scrapped off the barn building site for building preparation, so now it’s a lot more obvious where the barn is going to be.   The guest house space seems so small next to the large scale of the barn building!

Before, it’s still all pretty green!


Our family standing in front of our new barn site, the area that now is black dirt behind us.


View out the “bedroom windows” of the guest house.


The fossil Dan found.

My parent’s were here this weekend to celebrate Buddy Boy’s 2nd birthday and we toured the site.  Digging through the limestone that has been dug up in the manure storage area Dan found a few fossils! 
As springtime often brings, we had another baby heifer calf at the current farm this week.  This one’s name is NewDay, very fitting for our new adventure!  What would you name a calf?  When we reach 200 likes on our Facebook page we’ll be holding a calf naming contest!

NewDay, the newest heifer calf at the current farm!

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