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Building: Week 16 Review

Things kept coming along this week with insulation & steel going up on the south side of the roof.  We also brought lunch up for our building crew and had a picnic with them and Dan’s parents and the kids’ cousins. 

Thursday was a rain day but our amazing crew worked on Saturday!  It’s beginning to feel like a barn and real structure!  Can you get a feel for it with the pictures?  Remember you can click on the pictures to open them up bigger with captions. 

The radiant floor heat loops were installed and then concrete was poured over them in the guest house and milk house spaces.  Then it was polished up and big concrete “tiles” were cut out.  The plan is to have the exposed concrete as the flooring in the guest house (and the milk house). 
The concrete crew also poured the ramp into the manure storage area, we checked the robot out a little more, and Dan took a view from the current farm up to the progress.   We also had cow waterers (where they drink from) and planters arrive this week!
Just a reminder to head to our Facebook page, click on the photo of us feeding calves and LIKE it to help us win!  Plus, at the end of the month I’ll be posting all of Dan’s ice cream pictures…. have you have your July Ice Cream Month ice cream yet? 

One thought on “Building: Week 16 Review

  1. Lynn/Dan, I just got your e-mail from your Mom last night when I called her, so am enjoying all your barn project photos this a.m….. amazing !!! I’m sure it’s been a busy summer & kinda reminds me of 1974, when Tom & I, in Estacada OR, moved into a 30′ camper on-stie, for almost a year & after cement guys were done, just our 4 hands framed our daylight basement(3-story house) while Tom had his full-time USFS job(altho he borrowed some leave time). Well, instead of moving-up on 1st floor the next year, as PLANNED !!….. we just stayed in the daylight unfinished basement for 6 yrs., sold it & moved to N ID, due to Tom’s promotion. So, your HUGE building reminds me of so much when we were 31 & 35, had little $$, but lots of stamina, like you, perhaps. Also, your ‘theme’, COWS & their gift to us, MILK, ignites my love of dairy products…..& my memories of daily milking in Bowlus & St. Cloud. To do all of above with little ones is a FEAT ! Keith was 5 mo. old when we started our house & Bruce 2 yrs. later as we still had pipes/insulation, etc. showing but we had a ‘kid-proof’ house(no bank, so I could stay home with them). Gosh, I can attest to your Will, energy & Spirit…. God Willing. Bless you both!! Get well, Dan.
    (I have a MRI to get done on my lower back today.) Your Aunt Bonnie has guided me thru these mobility issues as she’s had to study her spine for years. Your youth is to your advantage! Be Thankful. Aunt Dianne

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