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Building: Week 12 Review

Here it comes!  Some of the trusses went up this week… honestly I thought they’d go up faster, but check out how big they are… I’m sure it’s not easy to get them up there and in place (especially without a big crane or something – which is expensive!).  Here’s some pictures throughout the week as it kept changing. 
The concrete guys were still at work getting walls on the manure storage facility as well as beginning to work on the floor in the milk house and guest house apartment area.
Unfortunately Dan was sick Tuesday & part of Wednesday but God was watching out for him and he didn’t get any emergency calls during that time!  A big thanks to Dan’s parents for their extra work while Dan was sick & our great neighbor who comes and milks our cows more and more often it seems!

The kids & I headed to MN to see family and picked up one of the bathroom vanities we’re going to use from Ikea so I can match the wood stain.   Things are coming together in that area as well! 

Dan also kept making other decisions on equipment, making phone calls, sending e-mails, meeting with our local welder, and more!  The robot may be coming soon, we’ll see!  Until next week…. well actually hopefully I’ll be posting tomorrow about 10 reasons we love dairy to help celebrate June  Dairy month!

See you then!

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