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New Day Dairy GuestBarn

Building: Week 11 Review

It finally happened, the start to some walls are up!  Even with a rain day on Thursday, by Friday we got to see the start of walls going up, which means if the rain stays away this week, we’ll see even more dramatic changes! 
And the manure storage now has a big, flat concrete floor, which we needed a big pumper truck to do. 

Anyone up for a game of roller hockey, since it’s a bit to warm for ice hockey?   We’ve got a nice big rink with walls starting to go up this week. 

And now we know where the toilets, showers, and sinks will go in the Guest House, as well as drains in the milk house.  They all have to be laid in just right since they’ll soon be covered with concrete! 

This is the laundry and kitchen areas, you can tell right?

The milking robot is scheduled to arrive in about 2 weeks, which means we’re praying for the rain to stay away so we can get everything ready for it’s arrival!  We need a roof and the concrete it’s going to sit on before we can set it in place. 

At our current farm this week we had the enjoyment of finally getting the cows out to pasture (the heifers have been there awhile), moving our ever-growing calves and heifers to their next bigger locations, and the heart-break that comes with losing two new heifer calves to some strange ailments. 

We’re praying that the chances of rain this week will stay away and not impede some much needed progress, although we trust that whatever God brings in the weather (since He’s ultimately in control) will be just right and we’ll keep on keeping on with the things we do control.  Thanks for tracking with us and look for some major changes  by next week (I think for real this time!). 

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