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Building: Week 10 Review

Here I sit once again on Monday morning trying to review all of what happened last week!  The windows are open all over the house trying to get some of the cool morning air to blow through in case I don’t get around to figuring out how to put in window air conditioners!  It’s definitely summer!  And we (and our great crews!) worked hard, which might even be an understatement, last week! 

Although the walls didn’t go up like we were thinking might happen this week, the floor came up quite dramatically.  This will make way for the walls to go up and then eventually the concrete alleyways and freestalls to go inside. 

To see the full pictures click on a picture to open up the “gallery”, which includes some captions & explanations as well.   OR you can “hover” over the picture with your mouse to pull up the caption over the picture.  Cool, huh?

And by Friday the first of the building supplies did arrive on-site, while we were having a picnic hot dog roast on our huge brush bonfire! 
We’re so thankful that the rain stayed away this week, as the middle of the week was consumed by chopping haylage for our cows to eat!  Dave got it cut on Monday and then Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday was spent chopping and bagging it, which is a three-man job.  Our neighbor and fellow-dairy farmer has chopped and bagged for us for over 25 years.  It was a few long days, ending at midnight the first day.  Now our cows will have some yummy hay to start munching on! 

We needed another tractor for the job, which turned out just fine since we’d already purchased just what we needed a few weeks ago, Dan just had to give it a little tune up and away it went! 

The concrete guys finished up what they could on the barn area and moved on to working on the manure storage holding area, which also changed dramatically throughout the week! 

And, hopefully our RV will be picked up today, which means SOLD!  So glad to have that checked off the list!  I’m glad we decided to live in it for a few years but I’m ready to move on in life! 

I think they’ll really start working on the barn walls this week… it should be changing quickly soon!  See you next week!

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