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And we’re off….

Since we’ve launched our website and Facebook page with a bang, thanks to all of our family & friends who are excited about New Day Dairy, I’m launching our blog earlier than expected! Right now you only have little bits and pieces about New Day Dairy and what we’re going to do, but hopefully that picture will be filled out in weeks & months ahead as you follow along on our journey. Today I’m sharing a slightly edited version of the Executive Summary of our Business Plan.


New Day Dairy is a new farm on a new building site that is a spin-off of the existing 125 year old Bolin dairy farm. Our mission is to develop, milk, and bless both our cows and people. As Penn State University Site Evaluation for Dairy System states, we believe that “planning our investments to allow us to build toward our future, not just spend more money on continuing the past” will allow our farm to not just survive but thrive through another 125 years.

The global consumers of food continue to increase and are continually desiring more nutrient-dense, quality food sources. Milk and dairy products are a vital part of the this future food movement. New Day Dairy, LLC is moving along with the future of animal care and food production by embracing new technologies and combining those with established best practices for cow care and management. As a cooperative member of Swiss Valley Farms, our quality fresh milk will be processed into various products, most notably fine cheeses, that are marketed locally, regionally and increasingly globally.

Prices received for our milk have in recent history covered the extreme range of high and low. Input costs as well undergo major fluctuations. Entering 2015, margins are expected to be narrow for dairies, yet New Day Dairy, LLC believes in the long-term value of milk and is confident in its ability to be a “top-tier” dairy prepared to persevere though the swells and troughs of the markets.

Partnered together in New Day Dairy, LLC, Dan Bolin and Pete Jensen (Dan’s grandpa) along with Dan’s parents, Dave & Pam Bolin, offer a full spectrum of talent and experience that will serve this dairy well in a challenging, yet rewarding industry.

The nucleus of the milking herd will be brought from the Bolin’s current dairy farm, Beaver Creek Farm. The current facility at Beaver Creek is where the replacement heifers will be housed for the first few years of establishment.

Another exciting opportunity for New Day Dairy is the growing agrotourism sector. Our barn will feature viewing into the barn from an attached office, hospitality, and living area. Maintaining a connection between consumers and the source of their food is the responsibility of all dairy farmers and we feel we’re positioned to do that well in our new barn.

New Day Dairy is poised to continue, and improve upon, a family dairy tradition by utilizing the tool of automatic milking, focusing on top-quality care and management for developing productive, profitable cows, and embracing the value of relationships.


So hopefully that gives you a better understanding of what New Day Dairy is all about! Questions? Let us know and we’ll answer them as we go!

4 thoughts on “And we’re off….

  1. Wishing you the best of luck. Dairy Farmer, been there done that! It’s difficult and demanding occupation filled with lots of ups and downs. I know you two will do well.

  2. you FLAT LAND farmers…. what a vision, undertaking & education for me(mountain ‘girl’) who used to milk our Bowlus MN 1 or 2 cows when i was 10 !! Your e-mail is quite an education for me, a milk lover! Bless you all.

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