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A Little Help from the Next Generation

Family… we love ours!  We couldn’t be here without them – the generations that have built a strong foundation for us.   Then there’s the future generations – our kids and our nieces and nephews.   Although young they haven’t missed that a big project is happening! 

Our kids obviously have seen and heard us talking, planning, designing, researching, sketching, and working and if you ask Miss Muffet she’ll tell you all about cows,  calves, Holstein Conferences, and our new barn – from her perspective of course!

Kid looking at cow magazine

Miss Muffet this morning at breakfast looking over some options for the barn!

Our nephews have gotten into planning too!  Dan has an older & a younger brother, living in Florida and Minnesota respectively, and although they’re happily employed in the careers of their choices, farming is still a family affair.  Dan calls with a question or two and it’s usually a discussion at family gatherings.  We’re so thankful for their support!

And so, those nephews…. we’ve been sent a couple pictures of their ideas for the new barn over the past few months!  Work & play are commonly integrated when you’re a child from a farming family!  Do you or your kids have any ideas for the new barn and farmstead?  Send us a picture!

Block Farm

Our nephew P with “Uncle Dan’s farm”. Dan’s brother said it was an overhead view of the farm with people because he couldn’t find his animals right away!

Farm Scene

While Dan’s parent’s were visiting our nephew’s N&F in Florida Grandpa Dave helped them put this farm layout together.

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