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Be A Dairy Farmer Challenge

Wanna know what it’s really
like to be a dairy farmer?

Ready to get dirty,
slip on some boots & get to work?

We’ve got the perfect thing for you!  
Join #DairymanDan for an hour & a half some evening to learn the ropes of dairy farming!  

If you just want the nitty gritty details hop over to our Tour page to schedule your challenge!  

Wanna know more about what you’ll do or already scheduled your spot & want to get prepared?  Then read on!

Milk A Cow

Give Rita the robot a break while you try your hand at milking a cow by hand… we know it’s on your bucket list! And it’s not as easy as it looks!

Get Up Close & Personal

Typically in our barn visitors get pretty close to our cows in the alleyways but in order to scrape manure off the crossovers you’ll get to head in among the cows, don’t worry #DairymanDan will go with you & our cows are very calm!  

Did you know that cows have a “personal bubble”?  #DairymanDan will teach you all about how to use that personal bubble to move a cow where you want her to go without even touching her!  If any cows need to be encouraged to go get milked you’ll help get her in the “fetch” pen.

Scraping Manure in the Barn

Tractor Ride

Big Machines

They’re big & powerful and you’ll get to ride in one, and maybe even take the wheel!  Did you know the term tractor was coined just north of us in Charles City?  

Everyday #DairymanDan uses the mixer wagon to mix up the cow’s “salad” & then deliver it.  Climb up and peek inside to see the huge augers that mix it all up! 

Care for the Calves

They’re cute, little (relatively speaking), and need extra special care.  Hopefully we’ll have a new baby calf, just a couple days old & you’ll get to bottle feed a calf.  If not you can still help deliver milk to the calves buckets & help them learn to eat their pellets by hand feeding them. 

Peek under the Hood

Always the most popular stop, people love seeing Rita at work, milking the cows.  But you’ll get to look under Rita’s hood in the back of the robot room and see not only her arm at work but all her inner workings too!

You’ll even have a chance to “play” with Rita’s controller… kinda like your favorite video game!

At the end of your barn time you’ll get an exclusive t-shirt to proudly wear & showcase that you “walked in #DairymanDan’s boots”.   Be sure to head over to the “Contact” page to let us know you’re coming to be a dairy farmer!  See you in the barn!

1 thought on “Be A Dairy Farmer Challenge

  1. We need to come back for a visit and check out Rita! I love that you offer this hands-on tour for people to experience.

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