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New Day Dairy GuestBarn

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Storytelling Video Production Internship

Storytelling Video Production Internship

Do you love telling stories – making people & places come alive through video?  Does exploring new places & meeting new people excite you?  Is video the art form you use to share stories with the world?

Spend the summer as a visual story-teller intern creating videos that tell stories of history, modern day farm families, travel experiences, and more for six organizations/places in North Iowa.

This internship is a partnership between six Silos & Smokestack National Heritage Sites – New Day Dairy GuestBarn, Floyd County Museum, Hawkeye Buffalo Ranch, Carrie Chapman Catt Girlhood Home, Fossil & Prairie Preserve Park, and Carnegie Culture Center.  Intern will be supervised & employed by New Day Dairy GuestBarn while working with the other organizations.

New Day Dairy GuestBarn is a unique lodging experience where guests can #sleepwiththecows in North Iowa (and discover hidden gems while visiting!). The summer intern will help uncover and share these organization’s stories through video production.

Gain experience being an independent film producer while still having accountability, mentoring, and guidance through this unique summer internship.  If you don’t think bigger is better and prefer working with small organizations & businesses instead of large corporate businesses, this is the internship for you.

The summer intern must be a self-starter with interest in being an independent video contractor.  The intern must have great communication skills to work well with multiple clients and self-discipline & focus to create their own creative work flow.

Although learning to work independently, the intern will gain mentoring & oversight by working an hour a week with Chitwood Media, an independent video production business.  Chitwood Media will primarily help the intern with storyline formation and project flow with availability to help with technical details if necessary.

The intern will create 2 videos for each site + a final capstone video featuring them all.  During the 12 week internship the intern will create a total of 13 videos.

    • For each site they’ll create
      • 30-60 second highlight videos
      • 3 minute storytelling video
    • Intern will create one final capstone video highlighting all sites in 90-120 seconds.

Intern will be responsible for:

  • pre-production communication & planning with each organization
  • filming on-site through interviews, b-roll, and interactive experiences
  • Organizing footage and cutting interviews
  • Creating video storyline with input from client organizations
  • Editing videos to completion

Intern must have strong skills in:

  • Storyline Formation
  • Videography
  • Self-Starter
  • Working Independently
  • Communication Skills
  • Video Project Management/Flow
  • Ability to Complete work in a timely manner


  • Must be a current student enrolled in a college or university studying a related major
  • Demonstrates a creative, story-telling mindset
  • A desire to learn and grow
  • Basic knowledge of Adobe Premiere
  • Experience filming
  • Internship is a paid position
  • Permanent, legal right to work in the United States  (We do not sponsor visas)

Internship Format:

  • Intern can work from home while editing video although may have option to work at an office at one of the sites/organizations if desired.
  • Intern will have the option of working “remote” and only having to be in North Iowa one day every other week for filming or condensing filming into a 2 week period.
  • Internship will last 12 weeks between the months of May-August depending on college schedules.
  • Intern will be expected to work for 30 hours each week.
  • If needed New Day Dairy can provide intern with video camera, microphone, and student subscription to Adobe Premiere for 3-4 months.
  • Intern will need to utilize a personal computer (to use Adobe Premier) for editing videos.

Provide link(s) to a video resume with videos that have been produced and/or edited by applicant.  Please e-mail resume to e-mail on our Contact Us page. Application deadline is Friday, March 12th.

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