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New Day Dairy GuestBarn

The Gift of Moo Ad with photos of girl petting cow, bedroom, and window looking into a barn.

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The Gift of Moo (x2)

Gift Certificates are the perfect way to give the gift of “Experience”!  They won’t clutter a closet or end up at the thrift store.  A gift certificate to New Day Dairy’s GuestBarn gives the gift of memories, new adventures, and enriching experiences!

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Outside view of the property painted white and green surrounded by lush green plants and bright flowers Man and woman smiling at the camera standing near a pen petting a brown cow View of a kitchen with white cabinets, green backsplash, and stainless steel appliances and view into dining area with wooden table and green, yellow, and blue chairs Room with a wooden table and chairs with a window overlooking dairy cow operationsMultiple people in a pen holding bottles to feed dairy calves Kids in a large barn with many black and white dairy cows eating

Through December 31st get an extra 10% on all gift certificates purchased! PLUS, we’ll give 10% of your purchase towards helping a family in need have a cow themselves!


  • Give the gift of experience not stuff.
  • Give the gift of food, income generation, a field/crop working animal, and more to a family in need!
  • Support a family farm!


  • Get an extra 10% on all your gift certificates purchases through December 31st, 2020!
  • PLUS, 10% of your purchase will help purchase cow(s) for a family in need in another part of the world!
  • Any amount qualifies!
    • Ex. Spend $100, Get an extra $10, We’ll give $10 towards a cow!
    • Spend $550, Get an extra $55, We’ll give $55 towards a cow!
  • Gift Certificates can be spent on GuestBarn Rentals, Meeting/Party Rentals, Tours, Beef, and if there’s some extra on your gift certificate – in the Gift Shop!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long is a gift certificate good for?
    • 5 years, although we’d likely honor it after that too.
  • Can I just buy one for myself?
    • Yes! Planning to stay in 2021 but not sure when?  Plan ahead, get a deal, and give back!
    • When you purchase you can choose any e-mail to send the gift certificate to.  Most people choose themselves anyway and then forward or wrap the gift certificate up.
  • What’s the most I can spend?
    • There’s no upper limit on the amount spent (spend $550 and get $55 free! – the cost to rent all three rooms of the GuestBarn for 2 nights!)
  • Why is giving a cow to a needy family a good idea?
    • A cow is a way for a family to not only have nutrient & protein rich milk for themselves but also to sell to others.  The breed of cows given to a family can also help with field work like plowing plus give a family a source of fertilizer with the cows manure! And when a calf is born a cow is a gift that keeps on giving!
  • What do I or my gift recipients do to redeem it?
    • You must CALL us at 319-278-4455 to redeem, it’s just the way the software works
  • Is it all on one gift certificate?
    • You’ll receive 2 separate gift certificates – the original one that you purchase online + the bonus one we’ll send you once we receive your purchase!
  • What organization are you working with to purchase cows for a family?
    • We already partner with Compassion International by sponsoring 2 kids (the same ages as our oldest kids), so we’ll be sponsoring our cows through them.

Cow Tracker:

We’ll be updating this to show how many cows we’ve been able to provide to a family!

Line drawing of cow partially filled in

Thank you from the ones who get to come and #sleepwiththecows, from a family around the world, and our family!  Your gift is making a BIG difference this year!

Family with coordinating shirts in solids and plaids in burgundy, navy, light blue, and white hues standing in front of large white and black dairy cows

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